Warren's Log Day Two

We spoke with a farmer, Elian the Old. Smart man, good source of information. He holds a farm to the east.

Encountered a female townie, who spotted bad guys out on the road to the north, hid in the woods. A knight used to defend the region but was lost in a terrbile calamity.

An elf in the bar: wishes to be alone, had hard day.

On our way out of Wintershome, we saw Lord Wintersborne going to save Thuradin’s friends. He was not impressed with our late start. Where was that rogue?

We were heading west, along the road…

Saw some strange unidentifiable tracks on the side of the road. They’re old, set in dried mud. Nebraxis keeps an eye on the bushes.

Nebraxis sent Warashes ahead to scout. He noticed something, and shouted back: four kobolds surround a Knight of the Hart!

We charged forward… and were surprised by … 8 more kobolds!

We fight. I reveal my status as mage, with a suitably impressive display of force, if I say so myself. A kobold slinger leads the party, claims that he and the others serve someone named Irontooth. We win; it’s bloody. The knight dispatches his four foes on his own without trouble.

The knight carried a symbol of Valonar, god of light. He doesn’t seem perturbed at there being a mage in the party, approves of me even. Auburn hair, brown eyes, 6 foot something – Ricaver Shieldheart. Well trained and equipped, with a tamed and trained warhorse.

Sir Shieldheart had a companion when he set out. His companion is not from around here. The knight warns that he may seem mean to us.

54 silver. divided equally.
slinger: sling, bullet pouch, empty bandoleer
2 kobold dragonshields: leather armour, short sword, dragonscale shield
5 minions: hide armor, short spears, shields
7 javelins

Where did kobolds get dragonscale? Nature lore: kobolds may be descended from dragons, worship them, and may have access to their sites.

We returned to town, discussing with the knight, and amongst ourselves. The others said they would keep my secret from the townsfolk, but they are plainly unsettled. Neither elf seems to approve, the dwarf is most resistant, but Nebraxis seems to appreciate my contribution.

We kept a few pieces of the loot (sling, stones, dragonscale shields, bandoleer), and sold the rest: got 1 gold, 5 silver each. The merchant overpaid… maybe will be displeased later?

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Warren's Log Day Two

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