“Meckane knows how a machine works, this is true. He knows what makes the clockwork fit, and the gears click. Thus he also teaches the machine of society, and inspires civilization as surely as he inspires a weaponsmith to his greatest work.”

– Olandin Undersmith, High Gearcrafter of Arkcanus

Meckane is a driven and energetic deity who is fascinated with making the theoretical real, and with explaining the unexplainable. He is said to work closely with Guyen to bring inspiration to mortals, and works tirelessly to promote the cause of society and civilization, which he sees as the greatest project of all.

The church of Meckane are inventors, craftsmen, and statesmen – each in their own way strive to make the theoretical real and bring glory to their lord’s name. The church funds promising students in their trades, and also invests in promising inventions that they find.

Gearcrafters of Meckane pray for their spells in the morning before their morning meal. Their one holy festival is the Unveiling, held twelve days after Thawtide – at this time they exhibit inventions, share the products of their greatest crafting, feast, and drink.


Actions count – it is one thing to think and invent, and another to hold the result in your hands. Talk is for others, worshipers of Meckane do, whether they are forging a plow or a nation. Make new things that work; become skilled in your trade. Question and challenge the unknown, and keep records for those that follow in your footsteps.


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