“She is with us all. She gives us our greatest gifts. She is the Mother of All Magic, and we bow to her in thanks.”

- Serena Silverkin, High Priestess of Trasana

Trasana is a busy and devoted deity. She weaves the tapestry of power throughout the world that allows spell-casters to access the pure power of magic to exist, and constantly maintains the fabric. As the goddess of magic, she is also the deity of the wonders that magic can bring about – though she has the ability to prevent the creation of new spells and magic, she rarely exerts such unless the spell could disrupt the balance of magic.

Trasana’s church seeks to preserve magical lore for future generations, and its members also seek out those that are skilled in magic or have the potential to use it. Her clerics are encouraged to explore magical theory and create new spells and magical items.

Clerics of Trasana, sometimes known as Weavers, pick one time of day or night to consistently pray for spells. The Church has no specific holy days, instead focusing on a more personal style of worship.


Love magic for itself. Do not treat it as a weapon to reshape the world in your image. True wisdom is knowing when not to use magic – strive to use it less as your powers develop, for often the threat or promise of its use is more potent than anything else. Magic is the Art, and the Gift of the Mother – use it deftly and efficiently, and seek always to learn and create new magic.


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