Syris is the ultimate tyrant. He leads his followers to greater heights, feeding on their hatred and fear to inspire them to bring glory to his name as they rise above their fellow man. A brooding, plotting power, he seeks to bring the entire pantheon under his heel, although for now he is willing to ally with some to advance his cause.

Within his church there is a strict hierarchy; one the resolves internal disputes with cold but decisive thought – rash action all too soon turns against a tyrant, and is preached against. Syris’ clerics and whorshippers seek to assume positions of power in every realm. They work subtley and divide the forces of their enemies, but are not above a swift, harsh stike to remind others from where power flows.

Syris’ lesser priests are known as Fearbringers, leaders of a church are referred to as High Tyrants. They pray for spells at midnight, and have no calender-based holy days – instead rituals are held whenever a leader decides that it is time.


Serve none but Syris. Fear His might, but make others fear Him even more than you do. Defy Syris and die – or in death find loyalty to Him, for He shall compel it anyways. Submit to His word as uttered by His High Tyrants, since true power can only be gained through service to Him. It is the doom of those who do not follow Syris to let power slip through their fingers. Those that cross the High Lord meet their dooms earlier and more harshly than those maggots that worship gods other than He.


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