Peronis is often viewed as a unflinching and dedicated deity. She is dedicated to her work as guardian of the planes, and is steadfastly loyal to her divine allies and her champions. She is not the uncompromising steel-spine deity that most take her for to her priests, but believes that duty must come before all else. She is steadfast in her protection of children.

Despite her demeanour, she is not unforgiving, but any priest of her faith is expected to strive for their best while on duty, and while with their comrades.

Clerics of Peronis are known as Guardians, and pray for their spells in the morning promptly after rising or right before they retire for the evening. Her most holy of days is Swordsmeet, the day that the people of the world re-affirm their oaths and bonds.


Never betray that what is entrusted unto you. Be vigilant in life and before death. Stand, wait, and watch carefully. Be fair and vigilant with your conduct with others, as well as with yourself. Protect the weak, poor, injured and young, for they need you as no one else does. Anticipate your battles; know your foes. Demonstrate excellence and purity of loyalty in your role as a guardian and protector.


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