Kaian is a major deity of the world – she is the warden of the earth, and the shepherd of the trees and living things of the world. She is the humble deity of all living things, but is especially fond of those that are renewed by mortal hands. She rarely appears to mortals, preferring quiet and small acts of devotion. Venerated by farmers, gardeners, and common folk, she is beloved by all those that work the soil.

Kaian’s clerics, called Harvestmasters, teach responsibility and respect for nature, how to prevent damage and disease to plants, and how to care for the land so that it provides for year after year.

Harvestmasters pray for spells at sundown. They have a fertility festival every Thawtide, and observe devout prayers on Harvesttide or whichever day the local community begins its harvest.


Growing and reaping are part of the eternal cycle and the most natural part of life. Let no day pass in which you have not helped a living thing. Nurture, tend, and plant wherever possible. See to the fertility of the earth but let the mortal womb see to its own.


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