Guyen is the most powerful deity of knowledge in the pantheon. A cheerful and wise power with the gift of charisma and persuading others, he tends to implement plans that he has puzzled through first rather than taking direct and rash action. He is the source of new ideas and inspiration, as well as the recording of history and ideas.

The church of Guyen is responsible for the accumulation of and distribution of lore. The clergy consists of learned sages who analyze, file, and copy the temple’s archives, as well as traveling clerics and bards who seek out new knowledge as well as educating the people.

Guyen’s Lorebinders pray for their spells when they first rise for the day. Midsummer and Swordsmeet, two days when agreements are made or renewed and contracts are signed, are holy days to Guyen. The church has one daily ritual, called the Binding, in which works of wisdom, songs, and new knowledge is shared with the deity and with the other worshipers present.


Knowledge is supreme. Ideas have no weight, yet move mountains. The greatest gift of mankind, an idea outweighs anything made by mortal hands. Knowledge is power and must be used with care, but hiding it away from others is never a good thing. Wrote or copy lore of great value. Spread truth and knowledge, never deliver a message falsely.


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