Our pantheon is split into four sections.

DM’s Note: This is the basics, only so that you know the main points that your faith will be representing. If you are playing a priest, or even interested in having one of the following as your patron deity, I will add information.

The Elements

Also known as the alchemical or the gods of creation, these are the forces that are said to shape the world. Legend says that all matter in creation is made up of a part of each god, and to master this knowledge would be the way to master life itself.

Name: Kaian (Ky-anne) (F)
Titles: Earthmother
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Earth, Agriculture, Farmers, Spring
Holy Symbol: A cornucopia laying on a diamond of pale green
Favoured weapon: Scythe

Name: Ralestree (Ral-es-tree) (F)
Titles: Queen of the Depths
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Water, Trade, Sailors, Winter
Holy Symbol: A wave of blue-green curving to the right
Favoured weapon: Spear

Name: Icuran (Ick-ur-an) (M)
Titles: Rider of the Winds
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Air, Winds, Explorers, Autumn
Holy Symbol: A whirlwind
Favoured weapon: Flail

Name: Narsos (Nar-soes) (M)
Titles: the Firelord
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Fire, Purification, Summer
Holy Symbol: A twining red flame
Favoured weapon: Warhammer

Gods of Good

Name: Cronin (Crow-nin) (M)
Titles: Justiciar, Lawbringer
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Justice, Law
Holy Symbol: A set of balanced scales
Favoured weapon: Longsword

Name: Asmir (AS-mere) (M)
Titles: Great Healer
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Healing, Martyrdom, Peace
Holy Symbol: A thin ribbon of red wrapped around a slim silver needle
Favoured weapon: Unarmed

Name: Valonar (Val-on-ar) (M)
Titles: Morninglord
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Hope, Renewal, The Sun
Holy Symbol: A rising sun
Favoured weapon: Morningstar

Name: Meckane (Meck-ane) (M)
Titles: Craftmaster, Wonderbringer
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Craft/construction, Civilization
Holy Symbol: A sturdy-looking gear
Favoured weapon: Warhammer

Name: Remalla (Re-malla) (F)
Titles: The Fair Lady
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Love, Beauty, Passion
Holy Symbol: The face of a beautiful red-haired woman
Favoured weapon: Rapier

Name: Aysil (Ah-sil) (F)
Titles: Moon Maiden
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Wanderers, the Moon and Stars, Navigation
Holy Symbol: A slivered moon on top of a dark blue star
Favoured weapon: Morningstar

Gods of Neutrality

Name: Darien (Dar-e-en) (F)
Titles: Eternity’s Messenger, Lady Death
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Death, the dead, Funerals, Tombs
Holy Symbol: A skeletal arm holding a sickle
Favoured weapon: Sickle

Name: Peronis (Perown-is) (F)
Titles: the Watcher
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Guardians, Protectors, Loyalty
Holy Symbol: A rune-inscribed gauntlet
Favoured weapon: Greatsword

Name: Trasana (Tras-ah-na) (F)
Titles: Our Lady of Magic
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Magic, Spells
Holy Symbol: A circle of 8 blue-white stars
Favoured weapon: Quarterstaff

Name: Guyen (Guy-in) (M)
Titles: Loremaster, Binder
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Knowledge, Bards, Inspiration
Holy Symbol: An ancient looking scroll covered in crisp runes
Favoured weapon: Mace

Name: Enora (F)
Titles: Warbringer, The Red Lady
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: War, Battles, Strategy
Holy Symbol: A shattered sword on a shield of red
Favoured weapon: Bastardsword

Name: Lilra and Arlil (Lil-ra/Ar-lil) (F)
Titles: Ladies Luck, Twins of Fortune, Ladies of the Coin
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Good and bad luck, Adventurers, Tricksters
Holy Symbol: A round coin
Favoured weapon: Mace

Gods of Evil

Name: Syris (Sigh-rus) (M)
Titles: the High One, the Black Hand
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Tyranny, Fear, Hatred
Holy Symbol: A clawed fist grasping a red gem
Favoured weapon: Mace

Name: Lovitier (Lo-vi-tier) (F)
Titles: Maiden of Pain
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Pain, Torment, Suffering
Holy Symbol: A long coiled whip
Favoured weapon: Whip

Name: Hrun (He-run) (M)
Titles: Father of All Plagues, Lord of Vengeance
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Disease, Poison, Revenge
Holy Symbol: A leprous hand holding a dagger
Favoured weapon: Dagger

Name: Burith (Bur-ith) (M)
Titles: Nightlord, Mourning One
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Dark, Night, Loss, Forgetfulness
Holy Symbol: An eclipsed moon
Favoured weapon: Mace

Name: Chas (M)
Titles: Stormlord
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Storms, Destruction, Natural disasters, Rebellion
Holy Symbol: A lightning bolt striking a mountain top
Favoured weapon: Battleaxe

Name: Femural (Feh-mural) (F)
Titles: Shadowed Lady
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Lies, Intrigue, Strife
Holy Symbol: Black velvet mask tinged with red
Favoured weapon: Shortsword


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