GM's Overview

Session 1

- Nilmul 17th A Legend Begins…

Session 2

- Nilmul 17th Ambush on the Gold Road

Session 3

- Nilmul 17th A Day of Leads…
- Nilmul 18th Horses and Battles

Session 4

- Nilmul 18th Dragon Dig
- Nilmul 18th Information Gathering
- Nilmul 19th Kobolds, Irontooth, and Allies

Session 5

- Nilmul 20th Descent

Session 6

- Nilmul 20th Of Torture Chambers…
- Nilmul 20th Siege of the Goblins

Session 7

- Nilmul 20th Goblin Digs and New Allies

GM's Overview

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