Darien is the steel-backed and uncompromising goddess of death. She assigns the essences of the dead their proper place in the ongoing cycle of existence, and promises that the dead shall be judged in an even-handed and fair manner. Though she seems cold and unapproachable, she is forthright and earnest in her duties.

Darien’s church assists the dying, the dead, and their families. Its members see to funerals, burials, the settling of affairs, and enacting wills. The church also marks sites of disease with plague warnings, hunts down undead creatures to destroy them, and occasionally hires adventurers to fend off monsters that cause too much death. Rarely, the clergy grants swift and painless death to those for whom death would be a mercy.

Deathwardens of Darien pray for spells at sundown. They have their most sacred holiday on the Feast of the Night, for this is the night for remembering the dead and retelling their achievements.


Death is a part of life. It is not a punishment for the grain to be harvested by the reaper, but rather a necessity. It is an orderly process without deceit or concealment – all are made equal by death. Help others die at the time that Darien chooses for them, and no sooner. Destroy the undead, for they exist outside the order. Do honor to the dead, for their strivings brought the world to where it is today – to forget them is to forget ourselves.


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