Chas personifies the destructive aspects of nature. He is an angry, rage-filled deity that acts on his own whims. He exults in unhindered destruction, and always acts in manner so that he doesn’t appear weak to anyone.

Chas’ followers are fanatical in their love of destruction and are unafraid to call storms upon ships, towns, or cities in the name of their crazed deity. His churches are small and scattered – for organized worship of him is outlawed in many lands, and his clerics tend to be rebellious.

Clerics of Chas, Stormcallers, pray for their spells at different times of the day over the coarse of the year, fluctuating on Chas’ whim. His clerics celebrate his annual festivals with overblown ceremonies that call down lightning and summmon storms.


Life is a combination of random effects and chaos, so reach and grab what you can, for Chas may take you at any moment. Preach of Chas’ might. Walk unafraid in storms, forest fires, and earthquakes, for the power of Chas cloaks and protects you. Make others fear him by showing the destruction that you may call down in his name.


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