Aysil is a caring but quietly mystical deity. She is calm and placid, almost seeming to be mourning all the ancient tragedies that she has seen while watching the realm of mortals. In contrast to this typical demeanour are the fierce battles that she has with her brother and archnemesis, Burith, which range across the sky and into different planes.

Churches of Aysil are made up of a diverse group of worshipers, yet despite their differences the great majority are friendly and accommodating towards each other. Her temples vary as much as her worshipers, from small shrines in the wilderness to grand mansions with many skylights.

Clerics of Aysil, Silverstars, pray at night for their spells in the direction of the moon. Days of the full moon are especially holy to them, but the most holy of rituals is the Glory of the Night, in which clerics are flown high in the air to commune with the goddess personally in a trance.


Let all be welcome to Aysil’s light if they choose. As the Moon Maiden waxes and wanes, so does life. Trust to her radiance, and know that love under her light shall know her blessing. The moon is your true guide, promote acceptance and toerance, and see all other beings as equals.


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