Arkcanus Map and Info

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Capital: Arkcanus
Government: Plutocracy
Flag: A giant roc, wings spread wide, gripping a gold coin in its talons on a field of royal blue
Main Religions: Lilra/Arlil , Ralestree, Meckane, Valonar, Syris
Imports: Exotic food and goods, magic items, mercenaries, pearls, fine wines, dyes
Exports: Armour, caravan items (wagons, wheels), gold, grain, horses, jewelry, weapons

Arkcanus is a nation of merchants, a place where caravans start and end and ships leave for exotic ports and return laden with gold and other strange items. The thieves guilds dip their hands into the pockets when they’re not busy warring amongst themselves, and the rulers are an anonymous group known only as the Masked Lords. While divine spellcasters are respected as the voice of their gods, arcane spellcasters have been almost universally reviled and feared since the magical tragedy that formed the Mageruin Desert.

Major Geographical Features:

Arkcanus is a great plain between two parallel mountain ranges. Proud, slow rivers wind across its lowlands, bringing life to the nation’s crops and profit to its capital.

The Silver Mountains: These mountains mark the northern boundry of the realm. Despite being the home of white dragons and fierce gryphons alike, they are mined for iron, precious metal, and even gemstones. The grand fortress of Dragonhome Keep guards the main pass through the mountains, overseeing trade and danger with the northern Free Lands.

Lake Eldrith: This dark blue lake plummets to deep depths in the central and southern portions. The ancient spire of Thunderpeak may be the cause of the hot mineral springs that flow in the eastern shallows, making both the lake and the nearby city of Tradesmeet a popular vacation spot for the wealthy. Tales speak of an aquatic monster that lairs in the depths, seen only when fog shrouds the water.

The Shadow Woods: The High Elven King of this area, called Shilesree in the elven tongue, has declared that no more trees or elves of his realm shall be touched by human hands. An uneasy peace has been arranged between the two nations, but only rarely are any non-elves allowed to enter the wood, much less visit the great Elven city of Teledretson (“Home of the People”). All more often is the sight of elven sentries armed with spell and bow.

The Horn Peaks: This small southern chain of mountains is generally considered a nuisance thanks to the hordes of monsters that lair in them and the surrounding badlands.

The Mageruin Desert: Long ago, the nation of Arkcanus from its southern reaches today, to the north where it encompassed the entire area of the Free Lands. Legend tells that the Grand Mages of the ancient capital grew too fond of power, and that in their striving for more they accidentally unleashed a devastating force that destroyed the former capital and the surrounding area. Now, the ancient ruins of Arkcanian towns are scourged by sand and wind, and water hidden from sight. The Codenzine tribesmen are the only ones that know the safe paths through the desert and the location of oasises, and they charge heavily for the knowledge that gets caravans into exotic Halskora faster. Rumours tell of ancient magic and artifacts in the sand… if you can survive the claws and jaws of the blue dragons that haunt the desert, waiting to strike.

Arkcanus Map and Info

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