Shieldheart, Ricaver

Knight of the Hart, Priest of Valonar


Standing at six feet, this Morninglord of Valonar seems young for his position, yet carries the weight of his armour with dignity and poise. His hair is a reddish-brown, and his brown eyes are thoughtful and considering.

He carries a warhammer, and a shield emblazoned with a rearing red stag. His plate armor is practical and well-crafted – the only flair may be the red cloak around his shoulders.


You met Ricaver on the road to the capital and assisted him in his fight against a kobold ambush. He seemed grateful for your help, and has tasked your party with helping him investigate the disturbances in the region, starting with finding a traveling companion of his that went ahead while the cleric stopped to administer aid to a ruined caravan.

Despite Arkcanus’ distrust and fear of magic, he seemed calm when it appeared that one of your party was a magic user and agreed to keep it a secret.

He has offered you his aid in obtaining a full-fledged adventuring charter if you aid him in discovering the problems lurking in the forests around Wintershome.

Shieldheart, Ricaver

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