Arkcanian Nights

Horses and Battles

Nilmul 18, Year of Whispering Shadows – Morning

Elian is true to his word, and takes you eastward to his farm, which lies just down the road. The way is flat, and the sounds of wildlife seem to have returned at least in part. On the way, the elves of your party catch the glimpse of bright red scale out of the corner of their eyes, but the owner of it remains to be seen.

Amongst Elian’s growing crops is his pasture, and a small herd of workhorses. Off to the side, however, is a sleek black horse that seems to watch you closely as you approach. None of the party has ever seen a breed like this – it is not magic, but flesh and blood… but from where? It appears to grudgingly eat a mouthful of grass while you are there, and the eerie thing that your party notices is that the horse appears to have no pupils. Elian says that the last time he saw its master, he came from the southwest forest.

The party agrees that their next course of action should be to find the dragon burial site that Valthrun spoke of. The vote is that the party should travel along the road to the site, and not cut through the forest. On the way back to Wintershome you spy a red-tailed hawk in the sky above you, almost as if it is watching you.

Heading south along the path on the route that Valthrun showed you, you are stopped by a trio of the same kobolds as before in a road block. Through their growling speech, they warn you away, and watch you warily. Warashes attempts to sneak around them, but is stopped by a kobold skirmisher leaping out of the underbrush. The party also contends with a fanatical kobold wyrmskull, which surprises you by breathing poisonous gas upon you while also casting bolts of shadow energy.

Your party triumphs, but it is a close thing, near the end – many of your party are hurt and injured, with Thuradin being near-death at one instant.

Amongst the less interesting loot are the appearance of three more dragonscales in a shade of forest green – how are your weapons causing such damage? Perhaps the dragon they are from is young or sick. The body of the wyrmskull holds more questions – at closer inspection its bone mask actually appears to be the skull of a small green dragon, and around its neck is a snarling dragon figurine, carved from obsidian – at the base of the statue is a carving of infernal origin.

You return to Wrafton’s Inn to recover… but the day stretches before you. What else could it bring?

Warren’s Log 3



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