Arkcanian Nights

Ambush on the Gold Road

Nilmul 17, Year of the Whispering Shadows

After meeting Elian “the Old”, a local farmer and self-proclaimed historian and a rather dour elf in the inn, the party left the town and headed west along the Gold Road that leads to the capital.

Rounding a bend in the road, you saw a young knight being attacked on all sides by a group of small, reptilian humanoids – and rushed to help him, only to be menaced by an ambush of the small creatures, which you successfully identified as kobolds.

The party was set upon – only the perceptive elven ears of Kithrellana and Warashes was able to save them from being caught by surprise. Thuradin’s stout warhammer served him well, Warren proved his worth and exposed himself as a mage in the battle, and the rallying cries of Nebraxzis drove his comrades onto victory.

After killing the last of his own kobolds, the young Knight of Hart greeted you with graciousness and as fellow comrades, and thanked you for the kind assistance. He introduced himself as Ricaver Shieldheart, priest of Valonar, and despite his seemingly young age noted that he carries finely made armour and a well-crafted warhammer.

Asking Ricaver what caused his delay, you learn that the priest and his traveling companion were separated when they came across an attacked caravan. While he stayed to help heal, his partner was supposed to have made the town by now… maybe the townspeople will know something?

The Knight also offered you a quest in the form of a great reward – that he would work to make your Adventuring Charter a permanent one. While he is involved in defending the town from further attack, he has requested that you find his companion and act as his right hand while in the region.

When you reached Wintershome, Ricaver purchased the inn’s best three rooms for your use, as well as a large and hearty meal, where you rested and licked your wounds after your trying day. Night is beginning to fall – you have lived through your first day, and may the Twins of the Coin smile upon you again tomorrow.

Warren’s Log Day Two



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