Arkcanian Nights

A Flurry of Activity - Part II

Information Garnered

Nilmul 18, Year of Whispering Shadows – Evening

The party returns to Wintershome, seeking people in town for some answers to the unfolding tapestry of questions that lies before them. The guards tip their spears to you in respect as you pass through the main gate and make your way towards Wrafton’s Inn. Ricaver, Elian, and Valthrun are all in the tavern – the elf huntress from the previous nights is curiously absent.

You have a number of lines of questioning, and set off to discover them.

Asking about the hawk, you discover:
  • Elian believes that this is very strange and unnatural behaviour if you are correct and this is the same hawk. He has seen one around his farm, but considers its presence a blessing if it is doing anything about the vermin around his farm.
  • Valthrun notes that red-tails normally stick to a certain territory, and that one following a party of adventurers is strange – he has heard that elves train these birds as scouts, however.
  • When asked if his missing companion had a hawk, Ricaver seemed thoughtful and curious why you were asking, but admitted that he did not.
You also talked to the inhabitants about Angrid and your encounter at the dragon burial site:
  • Elian hasn’t seen any sightings of gnomes in the area, and seems somewhat disappointed that he missed seeing one. When you mentioned the direction that Angrid fled in, the farmer offered that he was probably going to follow the river.
  • Ricaver promised to keep an eye out for the gnome for you, and that he would apprehend the villain for you to face the justice of the Knights if he sets foot in town. He nodded and seemed impressed with your defeat of the guard drakes, stating that his father has a couple to defend the grounds back in the capital.
  • Valthrun seemed quite excited about the prospect of guard drakes, and gave you greater information – apparently their eggs can cost many platinum pieces, and the training is expensive beyond that.

You asked Elian about the horse, and he seemed quite annoyed that it was still there. Still, apparently the animal isn’t making any trouble – though he did threaten it’s owner that more than gold would be owed if any more of his livestock go missing. He then took his leave, stating a need to be home soon if he didn’t want to sleep in the stables for the next tenday.

After the farmer left, you decided to ask about the items that you had obtained that are more… exotic than normal fare.

About the pendant that you found on the kobold wyrmskull:
  • Valthrun thought that it was somewhat similar to pendants made to honor Cronin – in addition to that God’s actual holy symbol, many who consider him their patron deity also honour the life of Bahamut.
  • Ricaver thought that the pendant had some sort of religious value to it, but nothing to do with the true pantheon – kobolds worship dragons, and can derive some sort of power from this belief (though it may just be that their priests are innate magic users). He noted that the pendant depicted a green dragon from its skull and wing markings, but that the symbol on the bottom was of infernal origin – though devil or demon, he does not know.
You also asked these two about the mirror found by Davon at the dragon burial site.
  • Valthrun seemed surprised that you found it at Bahamut’s Grave – he says that it does not show similarities with dragon, elven, or dwarven crafts of the time period that it must come from. It is very old – if it was crafted by human hands, it is likely that it is hundreds of years old, and was made before the Year of Quenching Magic, when the Mageruin Desert was formed. He cannot interpret the runes, saying that it is not his area of expertise.
  • When she met privately with Ricaver, Kithrellana learned that the sigil on the back of the mirror appeared to be almost like a property mark. The runes around the mirror’s face seem to have something to do with strengthening and magic, but the device itself is not magical.

You also warned Ricaver about the green dragon remains and the possibility that the kobolds are using the burial site as a staging ground. He seemed puzzled that it was green dragons, and expressed regret at having so few well-trained militia – it is unlikely that he will be able to spare any men to watch over the site. When asked about the name “Alachron”, Ricaver stated that there is no humanoid deity by that name – and again expressed regret for the disappearance of his partner, who would conceivably know more about such lore than himself.

The party settled in for the night. More would come upon the morrow.



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