Arkcanian Nights

A Night of Leads

Nilmul 17, Year of Whispering Shadows – Nighttime

Your work in acquiring information about Ricaver’s mysterious friend proved fruitful. The townsfolk are starting to learn of your deeds and accomplishments, and seem to approve of their ‘Koboldslayers’.

Having spoken to the lord on your behalf, Ricaver gives you the bag of gold from the town’s coffers, and adds that foresters and rangers are searching for the kobold lair in the woods.

You spoke again to the elven ranger in the corner – yet again she rebuffed your advances for information, preferring instead to watch and listen the bar around her.

Valthrun the Sage proved to be an interesting member of the town and was able to offer you some information. He told you that the keep to the north had once been manned by Knights of the Hart, but that some tragedy had befallen the men stationed there. It lies in ruins from an earthquake many years ago, and the townsfolk stay away from it – because goblins lair in the ruins, and it is said to be haunted besides.

Also according to Valthrun, local legend tells of a dragon burial site nearby, said to be the grave of Bahamut, the mount of the Cronin, back when the ancient wyrm was still mortal. According to the sage there has been an unusual amount of interest in the tale lately – a explorer named Davon Stahl had recently brought his team to town in search of it. Not only that, but Valthrun noted that a cloaked stranger had also inquired about it a few days ago.

Another valuable source of information was your good friend Elian, after buying him a tankard of ale he told you of a “beast” of a horse currently stabled at his farm at the request of a hooded man. He told you that one of his prize hogs had gone missing, and that the stranger had paid him (probably in excess of its value) for its disappearance. Elian doesn’t seem to believe that the stranger left the gate open as he claimed – and seems very wary of this horse. Despite that, he is a man of his word, and is keeping it there until the stranger’s time is up. He offers to take you to his farm in the morning.



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